Instana is seeking experts to lead & provide DevOps consultancy helping customers get the most value out of their Instana investment. In this role you will work on guiding customers through the typical customer journey and help on achieving agreed customer goals. You are in this role a key asset helping them in all their endeavours for being successful. In addition to working directly with customers and Technical Account Managers, you will work closely with the Technical Support team on escalated issues and share knowledge and best practices as well as with the Engineering and Product Management teams to collaborate on how product functionality can be further improved and extended.

Areas of Responsibility Include:

  • Define the customer journey and work as team on agreeing on specific customer goals alongside an agreed timeline
  • Conceptual work for rolling out Instana to DevOps or non-DevOps oriented organisations entailing good practices on how to work with Instana for its specific realms like Application Perspectives, Alerting, Dashboarding and in the near future Logging, Synthetics and others (the whole observability stack so to say)
  • Assisting with enablement being basic trainings, or deep-dive workshops around given topics
  • Assessments and execution of migrations from any previous monitoring tool towards Instana
  • Implementation of end-2-end distributed tracing concepts across systems
  • Maintain and develop tools for ease of use implementation or migrations
  • Assist in troubleshooting priority incidents and perform detailed root cause analysis or performance analysis

Skills and Experience Needed:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly analytic and highly structured working attitude
  • Experience and familiarity with APM products and services is highly preferred
  • Experience and familiarity with enterprise organisations is highly desirable
  • Experience with managing projects based on Agile/Scrum or other methodologies
  • Familiarity with: Java, Golang and/or other runtimes
  • Familiarity with K8s and Docker and components involving networking, storage, firewalls, etc. is preferred
  • Git(Ops) proficiency
  • Experience with container orchestration in micro service architectures
  • Broad cloud provider experience (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud)
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure as Code, e.g.CloudFormation, Pulumi, or Terraform
  • Familiarity with aspects of Application Performance Analysis
  • 2+ years experience in a DevOps environment
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or other related technical discipline